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Northern Lights Pyrotechnics (NLP) -- is a division of Eagle Rock Blasting, Inc. NLP is an Idaho-based fireworks and pyrotechnics display services company where our mission is to conduct an ultimate fireworks experience for our customers. NLP is fully licensed by the B.A.T.F.E. and D.O.T. We are a full service outdoor display fireworks company providing information, expertise, and the best and most unique firework effects available. Soon we will be opening our indoor close proximity fireworks effects division. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality product, and service. We specialize in pyrotechnic displays around the Pacific Northwest. This includes Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming.

We offer a completely personalized fireworks extravaganza directed by a professional technical expert who will produce a show to complement every element of your event. This service will include a fully staffed display plus a site survey, specially manufactured fireworks and explosions synchronized to either live or recorded music. You may also chose to shoot the show yourself, if you have qualified and licensed personnel, in which case we'll provide you with all the product necessary to create a spectacular event. All appropriate and necessary licenses, and insurance coverage must apply.




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Northern Lights Pyrotechnics

Open to Public

DATES: Saturday April 27th, 2013

TIMES: 9 am to 5 pm (8:30am Pre-Registration)

LOCATION: Riverbend Ranch, 2880 N. 55 W., Idaho Falls, ID 83402

CLASS FEE: $60.00/person NEW PRICE

INSTRUCTORS: Daniel Suttkus & Charles Weeth

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This class is an ideal opportunity for Fire Marshals, Chiefs and other fire and law enforcement personnel, or persons in regulatory capacities, as well as anyone else who is interested in learning and working on a Professional Fireworks Display crew or who needs a safety course for a Fireworks Display Operator License (required in most states); and anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of current NFPA regulations, requirements and safety protocols for commercial fireworks displays. Everyone can learn something new from this class.

The PGI Display Operator Certification Course (DOC) is, designed to meet the need for both a “Basic” course in Fireworks Display Safety and as the first step in an optional Certification Process which, when completed results in the successful trainee becoming a PGI Certified Display Operator (Shooter). This course has been offered for over 20 years and has been completed by thousands of professional fireworks display personnel, law enforcement and hobbyists alike.

There is one required sessions for those desiring to apply for PGI certification. Full day course presented with the session on Saturday, April 27 from 9 am to 5 pm. Space will be saved for those who pre-register for the class, and arrive at the class site with payment. The participant maximum is 30. The written test will be Saturday. Due to a tight time schedule, no information can be repeated for late students.

WHAT THE STUDENTS RECEIVE: Each participant will receive the 300+ page comprehensive “PGI Fireworks Display Operator Certification” handbook. The textbook and associated course will cover many important topics including site survey, equipment, techniques, safety measures and product handling. The hands on outdoor live fire portion of the class will include fireworks failure demonstrations and the opportunity for students to hand fire live display shells.

  1. ·         The class requires one full day to complete and begins at 9:00 am and usually ends at 5:00 pm.

  2. ·         The class may be taken by anyone over 18 years of age.

  3. ·         The successful completion of the class AND completion of verifiable fireworks display experience qualifies one to apply for PGI Shooter Certification.

Class fee includes:

  1. ·         A copy of the current version of the PGI Display Fireworks Shooter Safety Manual (300+ pages) is used during the class and is yours to keep as a valuable reference tool.

  2. ·         Classroom instruction by industry professionals in video and power point format.

  3. ·         Field instruction and live demonstration of fireworks: Normal, Anomalies and Failures

  4. ·         Hands on training for manually loading and firing professional display shells (live material portions are dependent on imposed fire bans).

  5. ·         Written testing for certification (a form with instructions for completing the PGI Certification process).

  6. ·         Personalized certificate of completion upon satisfactory completion of hands on training and passing score on written testing (test with a score of 80% or better).

  7. ·         Lunch with refreshments and breaks.

CERTIFICATION/LICENSING: This course fulfills the first step toward PGI Certification and state licensing requirements. However, State of Idaho does not require certification. This course is an accepted safety course for licensing in many other states. In most other states, the process requires a safety course (the PGI course qualifies), passing an exam on NFPA 1123, state regulations, background check, and fees. Those desiring the PGI Certification must pass the written test on the course date and obtain proof of assisting in at least 5 fireworks displays (1 serving as the lead operator under supervision). A form is then mailed to PGI. The PGI Certificate is mailed to the participant by PGI.

WHAT THE STUDENT SHOULD BRING: Minimum PPE/Firing Line gear is required, and should be ANSI rated. Each participant should bring safety glasses, leather gloves, a hard hat, hearing protection, and wear heavy 100% cotton clothing (i.e. jacket, jeans, coveralls, etc.) with long sleeves and long legged pants or other flame retardant material (leather, turn out gear over cotton). Cotton/wool layers and boots, or closed toe leather shoes (no vinyl), are recommended for the outdoor portion of the class. Cold, wet, windy weather and/or muddy ground is a possibility, so be prepared.

Pen or pencil and/or highlighter, paper notepad (if you don’t like to write in your text books) and a water bottle or beverages are recommended. There will be lunch served by a local catering and the cost is included as part of the course fee.



Contact NORTHERN LIGHTS PYROTECHNICS by phone to confirm space availability at 208-524-4618.

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We provide services for any event type or size:

  • Corporate and Public Events

  • Weddings

  • Graduations

  • High School Homecomings

  • Outdoor Sporting Events

  • Football Games

  • Theme Parks

  • Fairs and Rodeos

  • Festivals and Festivals

  • Parades

  • Tractor or Truck Pulls

  • Outdoor Racing Events

  • Speedways


  • Grand Openings

  • Conventions

  • 4th of July Celebrations

  • Christmas

  • Parties

  • New Product Introductions

  • Reunions

  • New Years' Events

  • Trade Shows

  • Expos

  • Thanksgiving

  • Dedications

  • Casinos


Display fireworks no longer need to be reserved for large events and can be very affordable.

If you would like to know how fireworks can become part of your next event or celebration, we urge you to contact us by either emailing us or visiting the CONTACT US page for further information.

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Education Resources

Here you will find some of the best and most comprehensive information regarding pyrotechnics available on the web. From history to the process of manufacture; from design to launching of fireworks. Every step is explained in our Education section of this site. To learn more about planning and preparation for your next fireworks event, we suggest you visit our Event Planning section here. It contains information and tips to help you plan an event and have a great fireworks experience.

You can now have the opportunity to purchase and download a copy of our very own brand NEW Pyrotechnic Operator Crew & Safety Training Handbook 2011 3rd Edition in Adobe PDF format here. This latest 256 page comprehensive handbook has been used as a safety guide for training our fireworks crews, operators and fire department personnel. It contains material covering Safety & Handling of Product, Process of Shell Manufacture, Accident Prevention, Show Preparation, Electrical Firing, Electrical Wiring, Computerized Firing, Tables & Distances, Display Operation, General Pyro Information, Employment and Job Opportunities, PGI Training Certification Information, and covers the different types of pyrotechnic devices and fireworks product. If you are interested in a copy of this book, please visit this link for information on how you can purchase an advanced copy. Coming soon will be a Guide To Shooting Close Proximity & SPFX Fireworks.




Display fireworks no longer need to be reserved for large events and can be very affordable.
If you would like to know how fireworks can become part of your next event or celebration, we urge you to
visit the
FIREWORKS EVENT PLANNING page for further information.

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