Northern Lights pyrotechnicians have a combined experience of over 30 years. We provide and present the finest fireworks entertainment available in Idaho at reasonable prices.

Northern Lights will present a variety of high quality display fireworks for your celebration needs. We will create a complete production that will be safe and worry free, no matter the budget. Personal service, very high quality and new fireworks, plus experienced pyrotechnicians is our trademark. We can also provide you with just the product if you would like to fire your own display shows. Prices can range from $1,000 to $100,000.


Choose your show shell by shell, select one of the packages, or do some of each. We will work with you to supply just what you need. Every show is based upon your budget size.

If you are looking for display fireworks company to shoot your next show in the Pacific Northwest area, or in other locations around the U.S., then please contact Northern Lights Pyrotechnics (a division of Eagle Rock Blasting, Inc.)

A little short handed with a show? NLP Pyro's are always looking for more shows to add the there Resume. If you are in need of some help contact TJ and he can get you an expriance Pyro to lend a hand with your show. Any other day then the 4th Of July of course, we are a little busy and need all hands on deck!


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Planning Your Fireworks

Fireworks displays are a fantastic way to open any event. The displays bring in a great number of people who keep returning year after year.

Pyrotechnics can add an ingredient of excitement, punctuation and awe-inspiring visual entertainment to any event. These breathtaking displays have been an ingredient in celebrations for more than a hundred years, and they are more popular, and technologically captivating, than they have ever been. Pyrotechnics are the greatest source of excitement, motivation and entertainment.

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